Not a lot of people love the idea of spending time in an airport.

They’re crowded, the food’s awful, security makes you take off your shoes, the list of detestable things is long.

But for all their faults, you can’t say an airport means to you any real harm, can you?

Join us for our mini-sode special on one airport that may want to do just that.

Denver International Airport..


EPISODE ONE: The Sweetest Grass and Water

In 1989, Denver voted to build one of the most ambitious public works ever, the Denver International Airport. But even before the airport broke ground, DIA courted controversy and some wild speculation.

How did this building become host to numerous strange conspiracy theories? And could any of them be true?

EPISODE 2:Interview with John Wenzel - the definitive expert on all things conspiracy & DIA!

Think I'm making all this about Denver International Airport up?! Well I couldn't blame you if you did, - but let's get an expert's opinion - you know. To be safe.

Here's John Wenzel, Denver Post reporter to tell us the truth about the airport, its art and a bit about the people that work there.

That is... if the definitive expert isn' on it. Follow him on Twitter - @johnwenzel, and us @WhateverRemains